Businesses and Sole Proprietors

Every corporation, partnership and sole proprietor has a return that needs to be prepared. At Cindy M. Smith, CPA, we believe it is important to prepare the federal and state required returns and also to determine if the current numbers look appropriate for your business.

You may ask, how will my CPA know? We know because we prepare comparative analysis on every return. We know because we ask the questions of you and your business. Although we have prepared thousands of returns for hundreds of organization, we believe your business is unique. We take the time to first listen and learn about what makes you unique and build on that knowledge to advise you.

At Cindy M. Smith, CPA, your business is more than just numbers to be transferred to a tax return. We work with business owners of small, medium and large companies in Dutchess, Putnam, Ulster and Westchester counties.

When I present my firm at business functions I always tell them I love the work I’m doing. It is true. It shows in the quality and dedication I have to my clients. This is not a job to me but a service. I never forget who I serve and why my services are required. That is why my staff and I have respect for all organizations and individuals that we serve. There are many CPA’s that work in Dutchess County but few that will service your accounting needs. We are that firm. We would to be honored to be your choice in providing all your accounting and tax needs.