Accounting for Nonprofit (“NPO”)

Nonprofit organizations are considered by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt. Information returns need the same care in presentation as do individual and corporate returns. NPO returns are seen by one important reader….the donor. Many foundation grants and huge donors have criteria they use to judge if your organization is one that merits their contribution. The presentation of your information form is important.

Charitable organizations are not just the typical social welfare companies. They can include soccer and baseball clubs, senior citizens groups and nature preservation organizations. We service all types of nonprofit groups in the greater Poughkeepsie area.

Consider not just having an auditor to prepare your financial statements but one that understands the fundraising atmosphere. We do not change your bottom line to make your charity look better. We present your information returns to highlight the positive aspects of your programs, community efforts, and social necessity of your organization.

New York State has increased the standards a CPA must follow to provide financial statements for their client. One of the standards is having an independent CPA perform a peer review. The Peer Review Board of the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants’ (“AICPA”) recently approved a quality review of my firm’s auditing practice. My firm passed, again! Please click here to read the acknowledgement letters from the Peer Review Board and the auditor.