Taxes for Individuals

The Internal Revenue Code tax code is complicated. The tax code changes every year. Beyond having a W-2 as income you need an experienced accountant to prepare your tax return that is not only accurate but has been presented in a way that will not cause the IRS to question your deductions. We do not inflate or guess at your deduction amounts. I need to feel confident in the numbers on your tax return so you and I can sign it with complete security.

Many new clients come to me and ask what is the most I can take in deductions? My response is what did you spend? Listen the tax code is clear, in most cases, as to what expenses are deductible. There is no reason for me to jeopardize my license and your security on inflating deductions. On the other hand you can be assured that we take every allowable deduction for your tax return.

We don’t work for the IRS we only prepare the tax returns to be submitted to them. Through the years of experience and the continuing education we have learned the best method of presentation for your particular tax return.

We also prepare Estate and Trust tax returns and Surrogate Court accountings. End of life issues are always a concern. We work with your attorney to set-up and maintain your wishes after death. Once a loved one is gone the process of honoring those wishes can be expensive and onerous. Having a professional, like our firm, with the experience to account for all the transaction that must occur after ones death is comforting. Knowing that we work with your attorney on your behalf saves you time and money. There are not many CPA’s that have this experience. It is an asset to have a CPA that can work with you and your family from birth to the eventuality of life.  We would appreciate the opportunity to serve in that capacity for your family.